Authentication of documents executed outside South Africa for use within South Africa

There may be many times when companies, private individuals are needing foreign documents to be authenticated as per the requirements of Rule 63 of the High Court Rules (as amended). An example of this where this could be necessary is that during a conveyancing transaction one or more of the parties are living abroad and the documents need to authenticated correctly.

Notarial Authentication of Documents

A Notary has the capacity to authenticate documents. By authenticating a document, the notary attests to the authenticity of the signature of the person who signed the document or has the capacity to certify documents as true copies after he has compared the copies with the originals thereof.

Notarial Authentication of Documents in South Africa

There are certain original documents that can only be authenticated by DIRCO (Department International Relations and Co-operation) which is in Pretoria such as:-

Notarial Authentication of Documents for use in China (Procedure)

If you are going to work, live, study or teach, amongst other things, in China and you require your documentation to be Notarially Authenticated correctly then this is what needs to be done.