Who appoints a Conveyancer / Conveyancing Firm?

The seller / owner of the property is at full liberty to choose a Conveyancer or Conveyancing Firm to attend to the transfer of their property.

However, like many aspects in a sale agreement there can be an agreement between the seller and purchaser as to which Conveyancer or Conveyancing Firm they intend to use and this must be stipulated in the sale agreement to avoid any confusion prior to all parties signing.

If neither party has any preference with regard to a Conveyancer / Conveyancing Firm to use, and there is an estate agent involved, the estate agent has created relationships with certain Conveyancers / Conveyancing Firms and can suggest who to go with but at the end of the day the seller has the final say as to which Conveyancer / Conveyancing Firm they wish to use.

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